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Get Government Grant of £7,500

Low Carbon Heat Pump – Lower Energy Bills.

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Government Funding for Air Source Heat Pumps Boiler Upgrade Scheme

  • Greener Energy

    Enjoy cleaner and greener energy with modern pump technology. The easy way to lower your carbon footprint.

  • Cost-effective

    Lower your energy costs with Government grants. Upgrade your boiler with greener energy and pay less on your bill!

  • Boiler Upgrade

    The chances are your current gas boiler is less than 90% efficient. Upgrading to Air Source Heat pumps you'll get 350% more efficiency.

  • MCS Accredited Installer

    We guarantee top-quality equipment installation, performance, and safety standards. Plus, we will help you get your £7,500 government grant!


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WHY The Grants

Why the Government is offering £7,500 Grant?

The UK Government is committed to its “Net Zero” target of 2050. To help make this happen, it is offering homeowners a one-off payment of £7,500 towards the replacement of the standard boiler with a Greener and cleaner air heat source pump. If you are a homeowner based in England, you can now access this grant. We are here to help you, from securing your grant to installing your new modern air heat pump! 

Air Source Heat Pump Installation & Inspection


We will work with you to assess and advise on the best air source heat pump you need, recommending the make and model of the unit and what you are likely to save over the year.


We are an Accredited Installer. Every installation we do is registered with the MCS so that you will enjoy quality service, plus our support and have peace of mind.


Why Choose Us for a Greener Tomorrow?

More Than Just an MCS Accredited company, we’re founded with a vision to champion sustainable energy. We have consistently delivered impeccable service and state-of-the-art solutions to homeowners. Our MCS accreditation stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to promoting the UK’s Government grants for renewable energy.

  • Certified Excellence: As an MCS accredited company, our expertise in renewable energy is independently certified and recognised, so you’re in good hands.
  • Tailored Solutions: We review every homeowner’s unique needs, creating solutions that resonate with your individual requirements.
  • Hassle-Free Grant Process: With our assistance, accessing £7,500 government grants for Air Source Heat Pumps becomes a seamless endeavour.
  • Lifetime Support: From installation to maintenance, our relationship with clients is a lifelong commitment.

What our customers say about us.

Frank Perra
Frank Perra
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We asked Bal to inspect the gas services for a home we are in the process of purchasing and contacted NW Plumbing & Heating to do the inspection...
Andy Fernihough
Andy Fernihough
Read More
Great trusted professional service over the last few years. We got good advice on a new boiler that was appropriate for our needs and means. Very glad to have Bal looking after us!
Read More
Amazing service and very quick. After calling came within an hour and sorted my heating out. I really recommend their service. Bal was really amazing and went extra mile to make sure all was okay.
Lana Brolly
Lana Brolly
Read More
Professional and friendly service. Thanks for coming to sort out our leaky radiator when we called, much appreciated! Bal is a gentleman and very knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.

Secure Your Grant With Us: We're committed in Championing Low Carbon Heating Solutions.

We’re not just heating your home; we’re creating a sustainable ecosystem for homeowners.


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Don’t Forget Why You Should Upgrade With Government Grants

better energy green

Greener Lower Energy Bill

Save money on energy bills while you embrace a greener life to lower your carbon footprint!

save energy

Boiler upgrade

The new air heat pumps are known for their high performance and reliability!

Government grant

Receive £7,500 government free funding fast plus accredited installation from us.

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