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ASHP: How do they wok?

How do they work?

Air source heat pumps have just four moving parts.
1) Electric fan.
2) Compressor.
3) 4 way valve.
4) Pump.

The fan pulls in air from outside and blows it over some pipes in the unit. The pipes have a special liquid in them which we call a refrigerant.

The refrigerant turns to gas by the air blowing over the pipes. The gas is further squeezed via a compressor which increases its temperature and provides lots of heat and hot water for your home.

Once the gas has transferred its heat, it cools down, becomes liquid again and returns to the start of the cycle. The whole process only uses electricity and has an energy efficiency of over 350% compared to a gas boiler, which is about 90% efficient.

The science behind heat pumps sounds amazing, but it’s not new. It was first described by scientist Lord Kelvin back in 1852.
That’s about as simple as I can make it.  If you have a better description then please send it here.
I look forward to reading it and if it’s clearer than mine I shall update it on here and give you the credit. 
How do they work

For a quick video on how the heat pumps work just click here

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