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Boiler repair and service

Boiler repair

As with any appliance boilers can, and often do, go wrong.  The impact, especially in cold weather, can be severe – with no heating and hot water at a time when you really need it. Of course there are a multitude of potential faults that can develop within a boiler, and it’s safe to say that our Gas Safe engineers will have seen most of them.  Using our experience we can quickly and effectively diagnose the fault and fix the issue – returning you to normality. 

Contact us now for professional boiler repairs.

Why get your boiler serviced?

Well your boiler, like you car, needs a regular check up and tune to make sure its working efficiently and safely.

Most boiler manufacturers recommend an annual service to keep you boiler working in top condition.  And when they say service they don’t just mean a 10 minute safety check!  We service boilers to the highest standard, giving you the peace of mind that not only is your family safe, but you have heat and hot water just when you need it. Contact us now for professional boiler servicing.

Call the experts

Here at North West Plumbing and Heating we have over 30 years experience and can give you advice on which is the best boiler for you – so please feel free to….

What is included in our Boiler Servicing?

At North West Plumbing and Heating we don’t just stick a probe in a flue! Our boiler servicing packages include the following.

Why choose us?

We offer a safe, efficient and cost-effective service. With comprehensive aftercare included, we ensure your heating and plumbing systems last a lifetime.


We aim to give our customers the best level of service we possibly can. Read what they have to say about us.


We are accredited in providing Annex C2 Condensing boilers, natural gas-fired and liquefied petroleum gas-fired; and Annex C6 Heating, hot water system, air conditioning and ventilation controls.

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