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We provide services and a full range of heating and plumbing solutions to a number of commercial properties such as :-

Land survey

But what is the best solution for your building?  The simple answer is we don’t know, not until we have seen your premises and have carried out our Commercial Heating Survey.

The survey is completely free and will mean that we can offer the very best system available for your circumstances.

Q. What do you look at during the Survey?

As you can see we have to work with a number of variables but our systematic approach ensures the very best recommendations for your heating system.

Here are some of the different ways you could heat your commercial building.

Floor standing or suspended, these robust and durable free blowing (and ductable) commercial heaters can be internally or externally sited. Natural gas, LPG or oil fired, they offer a flexible and cost effective means of heating your warehouse, factory or commercial building. A wide variation of heat outputs, distribution systems (duct, free blowers or louver) and energy efficient burners are available – expert advice is a must. As an independent we are not tied to any particular manufacturer. Our recommendation will be based on an extensive knowledge of the latest technologies. We will survey your premises, establish requirements, calculate heating loads and estimate energy savings.

Usually mounted overhead, our lightweight radiant heaters are highly responsive, providing general or spot heating quickly and efficiently to areas it is needed. Radiant heaters are effective in areas like doorways (for example warehouse heating) where there is regular air movement and will usually be propane, natural gas or butane fired.

The high efficiency products we recommend meet the efficiency requirements specified by UK Part L2B Building Regulations and will usually be on the Carbon Trust Energy Technology List – one of the criteria of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. The latest warm air heaters feature options for energy efficient burners, which can deliver possible efficiencies of about 91% net. In combination with a sophisticated control system, optimal design and a high standard of install, this is the opportunity to lower running costs and gain greener premises.

For practical or economic reasons the best solution to meeting a customers requirements will sometimes involve upgrading, adding to or refurbishing existing plant. North West Plumbing and Heating will be pleased to advise, providing a comprehensive schedule of works and quotation.
Regular servicing and maintenance by fully trained commercial heating engineers is essential to the continued performance and safety of your heating units. At North West Plumbing and Heating our service does not stop at sale and install. We offer cost effective maintenance and service plans that will help keep your plant in optimum condition and fulfill your health and safety obligations

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At North West Plumbing and Heating, we work closely with local landlords not only offering Gas Safety Certificates but we can also maintain, repair and upgrade all of your heating and plumbing systems and are happy to negotiate directly with your tenants if required.

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